Message From Ken on Proposed Changes

Jun 29, 2017

All of you should have, or will shortly, received an electronic ballot from Society proposing to change the name of the group from American Society of Safety Engineers to American Society of Safety Professionals.  As your delegate to the House of Delegates meeting in Denver last week I got to hear all the pros and cons of making this change.  Part of the argument to make the name change is that only approximately 3% of current members are actually engineers while on the flip side about 50% are Professional Members (CSPs, CIHs, CPE, etc.).  There was a lot of discussion and the vote eventually was in favor of the name change by about 60% to 40% (no paper ballot, just stand for your vote).  I personally voted NO as I feel the change is unnecessary and really does not change the issue of not fully representing the membership.  This vote was approved at the May Chapter meeting at Marzoni’s when we reviewed it and gathered input.  This also matched what the Executive Board had discussed and approved.


You NEED to vote as only 370 votes are needed to make this an official decision (1% of the approximately 37000 members – and about 10000 will NOT receive an electronic ballot as they will not allow electronic contact).  Make your opinion count – I have material that was developed and reviewed at the meeting in May if you need more information.  I know that I strongly feel this is not something that we need but each person needs to vote their thoughts and opinions.



Chapter President