Check out our new Youtube channel!

Jun 23, 2020

We now have a Youtube Channel and will be using this platform to share our recorded meetings.  You can view the playlist here.

And here is our ASSP important information playlist with videos from the likes of the ASSP, OSHA, PA DoL and AIHA.

We will be adding to these playlists over time, so check back often.


Recorded Video, Materials and Contact Info From June 23rd ASSP Zoom Session

Jun 23, 2020

Below are links to the recorded video of our June 23rd “Accommodating Work Restrictions, Return To Work and Job Descriptions” ASSP Zoom meeting, accompanying Power Point and contact info for Jim Devine of the Cipriani and Werner lawfirm.


James F. Devine, Esquire | Lancaster Office Managing Partner



(717) 390-3020 (MAIN) | (717) 735-0325 (DIRECT) | (717) 390-3021 (FAX) |

Covid-19 Sites from OSHA, CDC, NIOSH and More.

Jun 18, 2020

Below are some important sites with key information on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Quarterly Toolbox Talks

Jun 17, 2020

We are pleased to share the third delivery of Toolbox Talks. You are receiving 12 new toolbox talks for your use. They are designed to assist you during weekly safety meetings with your employees.

 Intended to be shared by a member of management, they will help to facilitate open discussions of each topic. Not all topics apply to all businesses, so feel free to pick and choose to meet your needs.

 Having foreman, supervisors and members of management lead the meetings is a great way to show your company’s commitment to safety and health. Workers who are engaged in meetings are more likely to work safely and lookout for others, so don’t forget to provide time for questions.

You can develop your own unique toolbox talks by choosing a topic, doing some research and preparing your message. Helpful information and statistics can be found on the website.

We invite you to contact us directly for free on-site survey’s, training assistance or general safety and health questions.

Ladders and Trenches

Scissor Lifts

Blood Bourne Pathogens

Fire Extinguisher Types

Container Labeling


Ladder Jack Scaffolds

Industry-Low Slope Roof

Safety Data Sheets

Hand Sanitizer Risks

Hard Hats

Personal Protective Equipment